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Definitely true that the tide patterns at certain times of the year are remarkably regular for certain areas, particularly in New England from year to year.

These extreme tides have a major influence on fish behavior, but also fish-ability of spots in terms of the time you can exploit the available real estate.

The bad news is that bait movements and population fluctuations play a comparable role on where the fish are going to be most active and prevalent once migration cools down and even on perfect logistic tides the fish could be somewhere unexpected. That is also the good news - they could be hot to trot on tides that are "no good" by humanly expected tides.

The one thing tide does do is put water moving a certain way at certain times in certain places. If you familiarize with such places and they are in the feed routines of fish, the combined fishability and presence of forage can result in some of the best days of the season.

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good day when it wasn't supposed to happen according to the charts.

It's also wild that some places on earth have only one high / one low in a day due to the tilt of the earth on it's axis if I recall correctly.
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