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cape cod tides

Somehow you hear of "full moon: high tide at midnight in Boston". This isn't precisely correct but sure is useful (obviously you add or subtract to make it useful for your fishing location).

And you realize, or are told, that the tides reverse every week. Again, not exact but useful.

Sharing the issue of having way too much time to ponder such things at this season, I checked the extent to which the tides repeat every other week. I expected to see a smooth slope as the time of the tides gradually moved. In fact, over a significant portion of the year two bi-weekly tides may occur at virtually the same time. Two weeks later the time will shift significantly, followed by another near match. Apparently this is the result of the daily shift in time between tides changing significantly with major peaks in sync with lunar phase and minor peaks at the mid point. Doesn't matter why, it just may be useful to know that it does happen. If you want to repeat a great day fishing it may be useful to know whether the times will match, make a big jump, or just slide in two weeks.

Of course, some of the Forum members probably have all of the minus tides from June to October memorized by now and who knows what else they have stored away.

Current flow in estuaries is hard to get data on, never mind figure out (height of tide apparently is an important factor). There is a tidal creek near Area 61 that I suspect has been an object of study, but I haven't seen any data on this. Maybe when Penguin gets back from the Miami Boat Show he can comment.
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