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RE:Summer Steelhead don't Hit Surface Flies???

Some observations as of late on Steelhead taking flies on the surface in Western Washington Rivers. Also would love some comment back if other folks out here have noticed anything similiar.
Last week of August and 1st week of September we had lots of action on the surface with even a five fish to the fly in an hour one day. In this 2 week period there were lots of wild steelhead smolts feeding on the surface, Caddis & small mayflies, Water temp 56 and river low and clear. After the 1st week in September we had lots of rain and river rose almost to flood stage for a couple of days then went down to low water again. Noticed that the Steelhead smolts were few and more than likely went down river to the estuaries. The water temp was still in fifties but surface action slowed way down. You could put 3 people fishing surface though a run and no takes. As soon as I'd put a sinktip on fish on. Just wondering if anyone like me thinks that mature Steelhead react to a surface fly because their younger brethern feed on the surface and stimulate that old habit in them.
We don't have the insect hatch that the eastern part of the state has and over there there are all types of fish feeding on the surface day and night so maybe thats why those steelhead come to the surface so easily.
I've noticed in other years as well that when the surface action of other fish stopped that Steelhead on top was less so also.
Anyone else notice this in Western Washington.
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