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As I said , I have only heard his name for a relatively short time.
Z-Lon is also a fairly recent material on the market.It is not antron, but a similar material. I have tried it, as well as what they sell as antron.But nothing in my experiance works as well as the original "sparkle yarn" marketed by Dupont. This was not a swipe at Mike, as I have seen his flies and think he is very talented.
However, now that Gary is gone it is easy for someone to say
"Hey I did it first", and he can't respond or defend himself.

If Mike came up w/ it first, than all I can say is "Thanks", I have been using the pattern since '76 and it is great, my "go to" fly.
But Gary published first and from that stand point I will still give him credit.

I'm curious, does Mike say he did it first or is it only Kauffman who says Mike did it ? hmmmm........
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