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RE:Summer Steelhead don't Hit Surface Flies???

I just whipped it up from trial and error to get one that wakes well. There are lots of similar flies and they are all probably just as good. I hooked a fish on the fly below and it straightened the hook, when I bent it back it broke. Here is my best guess at a formula...

<b>HOOK:</b> Light Wire hook like a Partridge Wilson dry 0, Tiemco 7989 or Alec Jackson spey - probably works in sizes 10-?
<b>THREAD:</b> Tan 6/0 or 8/0 Uni Thread
<b>TAG:</b> Small oval silver tinsel
<b>TAIL:</b> Blonde elk
<b>BODY:</b> Dubbed golden seal's fur - sometimes I palmer stiff grizzly hackle up the body.
<b>RIB:</b> Small oval silver tinsel
<b>THROAT:</b> Dark Hungarian partridge or guinea
<b>UNDERWING:</b> Dark mottled brown turkey
<b>WING:</b> Dark elk topped with light elk
<b>HEAD:</b> Leave the butts of the light elk and trim to about 1/8" long or so. I like to stiffen the trimmed ends with some flexcement or something similar

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