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Our environmental impact as fly fishers

On the "we've been spammed" thread, Terry made the comment he does not like sinkers (or splitshot/lead, etc) because it kills ducks (and other waterfowl). This made me think about how much negative impact we, as fly fishers, can have on the environment (yes, I know we can and do help the environment, too). But, in a similar vein with the lead sinkers, I was thinking about the many synthetic products we use to tie our flies. You know, epoxies, krystal flash, raffia, synthetic bodies, dubbings and chenilles, mylar, fishair, flashabou, sparkle yarn, threads, foam, tinsels, plastic eyes... the list goes on.
My point here is that we do lose flies and many of these are tied up with ingredients with a half life of a thousand years! What to do? Tie with natural materials only? I'm not advocating anything in particular. Simply a discussion thread.
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