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RE:random text

\<!--no-->n will generate a new line, but not an HTML line break - that's a JS constant. document.write("this
three lines") will load with the browser only if it is placed outside a function defintion:

&lt;SCRIPT language="JavaScript"&gt;
function write_it() {
document.write("This is three&lt;BR&gt; lines
in the&lt;BR&gt; browser \<!--no-->n \(two when viewing source\)")

This will not execute until the function write_it() is called. An example of how you would call it might be:

&lt;A HREF="" onclick="write_it();return false"&gt;How many lines?&lt;/A&gt;

Yes. I'm *psyched* for Florida. Just learned how to tie Tabory's snake fly. Show me the snook! Spinning deer hair can be a messy, messy endeavor....

Terry, I'm close to getting my scanner set up. Just have to install Win 98 since there are no USB drivers for NT I'm struggling with partition space. At this rate I'll be ready to show off my work just as tying season ends and sore arm season opens

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