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Good evening, IMHO,
For an industry that has been having it's share of problems for the last 20+ years, it is frustrating to keep reading the same storys over and over! Surley you would have thought that by now, these issues would have been addressed, but as Mr. Teeney mentioned, Salmon are still escaping, and, as mentioned in the related article, lice are still a big problem.
It seems that with multiple countrys in the "Farm" mode, that a multi-national fish farming coalition is in order. Is there one? If so what the $%^&* are they doing, sleeping?
Best info I saw from this article, is the idea of "Fallowing". It seems that this might be a good option, similar to "land" fallowing, allowing the said area to "come back". Placement of pens seems to be key as well, but I wonder how much thought goes into this. My 2 cents worth;
1- Gov. intervention, inspections, regs., etc. seem to be no help.
2- Local/International coalition for farm produced fish? one now?
3- Someone needs to data-base all fish farm info, pro and con, say for the last 20 years, that is available and list and address the problem areas. This could be used by an existing, or new coalition to help this industry to be more viable.
Admitidly, I am not to "up" on this subject, but what I read is disturbing. Thank's P M.
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