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RE:Casting vs. Reeling Hand...

Have wondered about this for about 15 years. Lefty Kreh and Flip Pallot say reel with the dominant hand for endurance and speed; Tom Earnhardt and Lou Tabory say the opposite. I have tried both methods over the years, and last year forced myself to fish the whole season Lefty's way. I'm switching back to reeling with the weak hand. I never found it particularly difficult to reel with my weak (left) hand; I did find it difficult to fight fish with my weak hand -- My timing was way off.

My sense is that, at least since Lee Wulff popularized the idea, the majority of saltwater and salmon anglers hold the rod in the dominant hand. Others are ambidexterous, comfortable with what they learned starting out or think the hand switch is traditional and like the challenge. That's not to say that Lefty Kreh is wrong when he says that the dominant hand can reel longer and faster; it's just to say that he is looking at half the picture.
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