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RE:Summer Steelhead don't Hit Surface Flies???

Nice hen Tony! Seems you're right, some females do like it on top. dOh! If you'll forgive the bad humor, I see you're still very much tuned into the action. Sounds like you are having a banner year.

As far as the Washington fish not being into surface flies... I guess I must have walked through a space portal on my way down the trail when I hooked three summer runs (landed two) in four hours of fishing on riffle hitched caddis surface flies that year right after you told us the run was hot in that stretch.

I guess the time I over-mended a sedge pattern on a dry line with a new Spey rod and it got torpedoed while it was still skipping upstream from the mondo-mend I did - was a fluke.

All those muddler-crazy summer runs hiding in the pocket water on the upper Snoqualmie must be delusional too.

If you ask me this guy just hasn't tried it or doesn't have faith enough to work on it. Heck I even rose a steelhead to the surface in front of my mother once!

I wonder what the guys down on the Wind, Washougal, Kalama, etc have to say about their experiences "on top". Guys like McMillan, Bakke, etc.

Oh well, his loss I guess - you can't raise 'em if you aren't trying. The other factor is time of day, clearly a difference in the way they come to the fly at first light verses when the flyshop opens.

Hope we hook up next month!

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