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RE:Casting vs. Reeling Hand...

where have I seen this thread before? <g>...
I cast (and mend) right handed and strip, and retrieve left handed. I don't change hands and I do like to put the fish on the reel regrdless of size (just a personal preference). I feel awkward holding the rod with the left and in order to retrieve with my faster hand (the right). I agree that my dominant hand retrieves "can" retrieve faster and therefore I suspect it would help with, say, tarpon. But I don't think I could control what the rod does if I held it with my left hand. Interestingly, I feel about the same spey casting from both sides (with single, double speys and even two handed overhead casts)... not that I can spey cast very well <g>. I guess having both hands on the rod make the difference there. It is true that while casting (single handed) the line sometimes catches on the handle, but hell, once in a while it catches around the butt section too ==8-O so changing the reel setup would not help there.
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