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Casting vs. Reeling Hand...


I must be going a little nutty.

<b>I am a lefty.</b> I am going to spool up my new SW reel and was contemplating changing from a right hand to a left hand retrieve.

I cast and hold the rod with my left hand for fly fishing and have for years, but what got me thinking is something I read recently (I think from Lefty Kreh) about using your dominant hand when reeling in a fish. He was of the opinion that when you have to reel up line in a hurry (esp. w/ large fish) you should use your dominant hand as it tends to be more coordinated - thus increasing your chances of landing the fish as you have better line control.

In thinking about it, I realized that when:
<li>spin fishing - I cast with my right hand and reel with my left
<li>with a casting set-up I cast lefthanded, but still reel with the left
<li>flyfishing cast left, reel right and strip line with the right hand

Setting the hook with either hand feels natural, however, mending line would seem a little strange if I kept the rod in my right hand and stripped in line with the left.

Does this make me unique, or is it common among other anglers? I am a little worried about transferring hands either after I cast, or after setting the hook on the fish and stripping it in. The transfer would seem to increase the chance of losing the fish.

I'm looking for some people who have switched hands, or anyone with an opinion to offer (Besides <i>"step away from the keyboard"</i> ) regarding the merits of switching to the dominant hand, or reasons to keep it the as is.


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