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Weather and statistics

Weather is a complex and variable subject. With all of our modern methods, we still can't predict weather accurately on a local basis more than 24 hours in advance with any degree of certainty.

I would like to see statistics applied, with "sigma" limits for all of the variables, as is done in quality control. Results, I am sure, would be astounding for the range we can normally expect!

Averages don't mean much - we really never have an "average" year. There are always "records" being made.

I guess what I am saying is that we do have times of drought, times of floods, times of heat, times of cold, all interspersed with some really nice weather, and that these are normal. I guess that's just part of living in the vicinity of the Great Lakes!

We can lament the current trends, and blame everything from pollution to atomic bombs, and I'm sure the cave men even blamed bows and arrows, but I really don't think that has much to do with it.

If we think we've got it bad, look at the poor farmers! Their destiny rises and falls with the weather - they are a slave to it.

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