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RE:Micro Halogen Tying Lamps.

I have been using a combination lamp and mag glass both from "Giraffe Multi Purpose Lamps", made in the US, Goodwin Mfg. Co. PO Box 378,Luck WI. 54853. Don't have a price since it was a gift. The lamp can use "natural Light" type bulbs for the best color view and has a great heat diispation system. Both are clamp-on styles and can be removed from the clamp when needed. Both have flexible and long necks so you can adjust them to fit any particular pattern or size of fly as well as move them away from the vise without losing the "setting" that you adjust for a particular pattern. It's the best system i have ever used with the most versatilty and willingly recommend this set up.
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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