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Poopah Style

Originally posted by pmflyfisher looks like you are gluing that olive vernille chenille on the hook?
Actually, the wire binds it to the shank. What I do is tie in the tinsel and wire at the eye area, wind the tinsel back to the bend over the wire, and back forward again where it is tied off at the front. By doing this, it binds the wire along the bottom of the shank where it waits to do its job. The vernille is then burnt, and laid across the top of the shank, and the wire binds it in place there. (Like you would bind a featherwing on a Matuku.)

Readers Digest version:

1.) Use tinsel to get wire to the bend.
2.) Return tinsel to form flat body.
3.) Lie vernille along the shank.
4.) Use wire rib to bind vernille.

You know my policy, though. Never use a big word where verbiage of diminuitive proportions will suffice.
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