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RE:couple of questions about flytying and 1 about blank i.d.


Sorry about not getting back with you.

I decided not to get that rod, but regretted it soon after, as a 9' 4wt was just what I wanted. I like faster action rods, and was a little hesitant, however, after thinking about it I realize that this rod would have been fine for small nymphs and dries. I guess I have fallen in with the masses that believe that faster is better (not neccesarily true). I did pick up a new 5wt Orvis SL 865 TL 9.5 for a good deal at the Basement Bargain section in Manchester and a Battenkill for 50% off. I wasn't looking to get that model, it was more of an impulse decision and after casting it I liked it enough to snap it up.

Next on the never ending "needs" list is to build an 8wt for striper fishing, fix a small 3wt that I built last winter (put the guides 90 degrees off the spline) and tie up some flies.

I'm sure there were some requests at the shop, as those flies certainly look good, very, very good. I would love to test a few of these below the dam in the late spring, however, the fieldwork is done for my project, there may be some opportunity to assist other agencies carrying out some e-fishing though.

Will see you on Saturday,

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