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RE:couple of questions about flytying and 1 about blank i.d.


I never did hear back from you on your rod choice. Did you decide to build or get the Scott?

I have not yet tried those Whitlock flies, but that article has created some extra work for me at the shop. Folks are coming in looking for Icelandic goat fur. I can't find it anywhere. I did recieve some new flies from Umpqua which are tied on a bent back hook and they look really great. Maybe if someone needs help again this spring we can test them out below a local dam.

I use a Renzetti so I have no experience dealing with Regal and can not remember anyone stopping by with problems. They are right down the road from you. I'd drop in one day with the chipped jaws and see what they can do for you. Also I would be happy to contact them for you from the shop.

Can't help at all with the blank question.
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