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RE:Guess no one fishes for trout!

>Well I'd have to say that I'd polietely disagree with you, >as I think the striper has returned, especially when you
>consider its status 20 years ago. From the projections that

You're right, there are a lot more Striper back relative to 20 years ago. Good point. I'm not pretending to understand the health of the stocks overall. I was just making a general statment based on the alarming words of the CCA and other groups lateley. I'm afraid we are on the verge of another collapse. Especially since the state of Massachussetts dropped the limit from 34 to 28" at the kick off of last season. Mass. takes the majority of the stripers caught (I think 30%) so that drop in keeper size could be tough on the stock. I hope you are right and I'm wrong.

>With regulation changes bumping the harvestable
>size up - there should be a slight decrease in the >exploitation rate, maintaining good numbers of fish off the
> coast.

Sounds good to me.

> I hope we get some snow, as two years of low >precipitation would be a bummer. Some weathercaster
> mentioned that we were going through the La Nina weather >phenomenon, which results in a change in the
> weather pattern. The result (according to him) is less >snow during the winter, but supposedly more precipitation >later in the season.

Yup. Lately, all we get in New England are the clipper type storms from the west. Very few Nor'easters that suck in moisture from the sea and dump the big snows. And to make matters worse we get dry springs and summers too. Tough for trout.
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