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RE:Guess no one fishes for trout!


Well I'd have to say that I'd polietely disagree with you, as I think the striper has returned, especially when you consider its status 20 years ago. From the projections that I have seen, the numbers of stripers will still continue to rise for another couple of years, even in the face mortality figures the same as we have been at. After a few years the numbers will decline below what we experienced a few years ago(when it was considered very good) if the high exploitation rate is maintained. If the exploitation rate is brought back down (F=0.31)the levels will also rise for a few years and then decrease, but to a level that is comparable to the stock size we had a few years back. I'm not saying that there will be huge numbers of large fish, but more fish in total off our coast. Funny thing with size limit regulations - whatever size you set it at seems to be the maximum size you consistently see, as anything bigger usually gets removed. With regulation changes bumping the harvestable size up - there should be a slight decrease in the exploitation rate, maintaining good numbers of fish off the coast.

I hope we get some snow, as two years of low precipitation would be a bummer. Some weathercaster mentioned that we were going through the La Nina weather phenomenon, which results in a change in the weather pattern. The result (according to him) is less snow during the winter, but supposedly more precipitation later in the season.

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