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Re: Actually, a good question; don't know.

Originally posted by fredaevans
. . . The one pattern (got my box today) that realllly struck my fancy is the brown wire wrapped ' wolly bugger.' (Probably totally! incorrect calling it that). Couple of fellows use a similar pattern with great! effectiveness for fall steelhead and on some large lakes here in the area.

For the lake trout they'll rig up a 5wt rod with a clear slow sink rate fly line. About 10-12 foot of leader and will 'drift' this very slowly (light wind provides all the 'propultion' needed). This fills up the stringer in a quick hurry!
Fred, you got the name right if you're referring to the brown woolly bugger that I submitted. I have caught trout (and numerous other species) on that fly, but it's primarily my "go to" carp fly for lakes and ponds . I guess that's why the recipe ended up in the warmwater fly archives. Maybe I'll try the deep drift technique if I get out on Quabbin this spring. That will also give me a chance to test your fly on some landlocks!

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