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Pattern: Nuke Egg Fly - Oregon Cheese

Thread: Red

Hook: standard egg fly hook, sizes - 8 -14, tied weighted or unweighted

Body: red thread wrapped forward or small strand of yarn of same of different color as the egg.

Egg: Cut two 1/2 inch pieces of glo bug or McFly Foam yarn oregon cheese color. I wrap one under hook and one over secure with thread and comb out yarn to a fluff.

Technique: Fish dead drifted using nymph techniques, use a heavy sink tip or perhaps fine split shot on leader to increase the sink rate of the fly as needed. Any hesitation of the fly line during the drift could be a take and must be considered as such with a proper hook set.

Species: All trout and salmon during and after spawning season. Only time I have not fished egg flies is the summer.
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