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RE:Marlboro Show....thoughts & what did you buy?

Marlboro was my first FF show so I was kind of leery about buying anything. I really wanted a new bobbin and a good pair of scissors. I walked out with one of Norm Norlander's automatic bobbins after watching his demonstration with his vise (pretty slick). I just go my Barracuda back from the Dyna-King shop yesterday and will post later based on the results of both the vise and bobbin.
Had a chance to cast Winston's BL5 and XTR both in a 9-wt. Found that the BL5 is too soft and the XTR was too stiff for me.
As for the show, I imagined a casting pond that held more than 3 casters, and the beams in the overhead were a pain to deal with (I'm not a great caster, especially 3 months without picking up a rod).
I'm still amazed that companies/groups charge so much for their ball caps. It stands to reason that you are advertising their company on your head...and you're paying ~$20 to do this??? Why aren't caps standard issue with the rod or reel? "Thanks for paying the inflated price for our rod; here's a little something to tell everyone you're fishing with a SAGE fly rod" or "Here's a cap so that other people on the water know you buy at Walter's Fly Shop". My sarcastic reasoning does not apply to groups such as CCA, TU, etc, where the proceedes go back into the group, which go back into preserving fishing for my kids.
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