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RE:Marlboro Show....thoughts & what did you buy?

1/22 Marlboro FF Show Report

Ah! It feels somewhat gratifying to post something with report in the title.

We (friend Mike and myself) made it to the show about noon and did a walkabout of the whole setup. I saw Bob D and Juro working the BN booth. I spoke with Bob for awhile but I didn't get a chance to talk to Juro. Hey Juro are you part whitetail? You vanished right in front of my eyes. [img]" border="0" align="middle">By this time it was about 1:00 and we decided to head up to the Main Lobby of the Plaza and see who was there from the RT crowd.

Once in the bar we were greeted by Mark Cahill, who graciously initiated the introductions. Thanks Mark. Please forgive me if I forget anyone, as I didn't catch everyone's names. Besides Mark I did have the pleasure of breaking bread with and a couple of suds. Marvin, Greg, Thorne, Larry, Steve, and John (?).

After lunch we headed back to the exhibits to buy the tying stuff I had (and some more) that was on our lists. By the time we were done I realized I missed the 3:30 seminar I wanted to attend. It was just as well the walk between the two buildings was nasty with the -30 wind chill in effect. In all fairness there was a shuttle running but I was to impatient to wait for it. It only looked like a short walk…BRRR!

We stopped by the casting pool to watch a couple of guys casting who were very good. My friend Mike commented, "I wonder if they can do that in a 20kt wind too"? <img src="[/img] Good point. It made me feel better.

The J.Austin Forbes booth had these micro fly reels. One was set up on a 2' fly rod with dental floss backing. I never saw a zero weight before. Cute but kind of an expensive conversation piece.

The crowds were light while we were there which wasn't a bad thing. Unless you are a dealer I guess.

Lastly I left with dreams of towing that 16' Maritime skiff with the 50HP Honda home. There's nothing wrong with dreaming.
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