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RE:Marlboro Show....thoughts & what did you buy?


Well I'll let you know tomorrow after I get back. Sounds like you didn't waste any time getting over to Marlboro though [img]" border="0" align="middle">

I am excited to go, would like to get there early tomorrow and get a chance to cast a couple of rods that are on my wish list (which my wife also sometimes referred to as "when he** freezes over" list since I just recently bought a new one...<img src="[/img]). I'll probably just satisfy myself psycologically with my buddies purchases, as that sometimes helps.

I'd imagine that with the increase in popularity of SW fishing the majority of the outfitters and guides were focusing on stripers and blues and the associated gear. Quite a switch from when it was dominated by freshwater gear and guides.

Thanks for the report,

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