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Marlboro Show....thoughts & what did you buy? went to the show...what did you think?....what did you buy? I'm reaching for a reason to post!

Being a newbie to this fly fishing stuff I became quite bewildered at all the stuff I knew nothing about!

Man! Those flats boats were awesome!!

Said "hi" to Enrico Puglisi...he was setting up, then disappeared...struck me as a "stuffed shirt".

Wanted to buy some hackle to try to tie a few deceivers...but didn't. Why? I don't know.

Stopped at the CCA booth, talked to Dave Rimmer, bought a CCA hat.

Let's see, my purchases were the CCA hat, a 3 year subscription to Flyfishing in Saltwaters magazine, a George Roberts casting video, and a Ken Vanderlaske False Albie pin.

I know...boring...but I had no plans for a new rod or reel. Anyone else care to comment?
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