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Originally posted by pmflyfisher
I've tying 23 years and still have some stuff from year 1. . . .

Maybe fly tying garage sale is in order, I wonder how many people would show up if I advertize it here ? :eyecrazy:

I will think it about it.

PM Out
That's a riot! I still have some materials from the fly tying kit that I received as a gift about 30 years ago. That kit got me into tying, but I casted the flies using spinning gear and a casting bubble and the "dark side" soon took control. I got away from fly tying for many years and just started tying again about a year ago. It was easy to find what I needed when I first started tying again -- I put my stuff in a 5 drawer dresser and one of those plastic 4 drawer storage units and arranged everything by the type of material. Now I'm starting to accumulate enough stuff that I have to dig for things and I often "discover" materials that I forgot I even had! And I still need more stuff ! ! ! If you decide to have a garage sale I'll be there!

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