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Heres the pattern materials and instructions:

Pattern: Green Rock Worm Steelhead Caddis

Species: Great lakes trout, king salmon, steelhead in which green rock worm caddis are present.

Size: 8-14

Hook: Any stong curved caddis nymph style hook, make sure it is 2x strong or more. (Trout hooks will be bent by steelhead). Usually weight hook with lead wire.

Thread: black or olive 6/0 or 8/0

Body: Tinsell Chenille - Olive/Pearl - Medium

Head: 2-3 strands of peacock herl with several strands left on top of head or bottom. I don't think it really matters to steelhead

Fish on dead drift with sink tips usually standard nymphing techniques.

Has proven to be another one of my go to caddis patterns. Must have close to 10 different caddis types now.

You would be amazed at the 20lb kings that will take this small nymph. Make sure you have an extra strong hook for them.

PM Out
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