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Name That Fly !!!

Marabou Mambo, Clarissa Chiquita, Carmen Miranda - Whatever!
(okay, here we go again)

This idea is an attractor, which can be used to fish the entire water column. Depending on weight, it will suspend in slow water, sinking very slowly, swim in moving water or dive and bump bottom. I've built it in any imaginable color 'du jour'. I never bothered naming it before now. Depending on retrieve, it flutters, scoots or swims like crazy. I've used it in fresh and salt.

Hook: sz. 8 through 4/0 - your choice of standard O'Shaughnessy style. This one on S71S SS #4. Hook point rides UP.

Marabou tail/throat: depending on size, barbs removed from quill for smaller sizes, to using whole quills for tail; palmering or placing quill section(s) for throat.

Body: Pearlescent chenille, matching color, body wrapping or dubbing choice.

Eyes: According to hook size, bead chain or dumbbell style. Some may want to try this with Umpqua style barbell eyes. Don't go too big on the eye unless you want it to look like Barney Google or sink a 2/0-4/0 hook. In that case, you'd be better off weighting the hook body before building the body itself.

Thread: Size A; 3/0; Flat Wax Nylon, your choice.

Krystal Flash: according to color scheme.

Tie on; spiral wind a body of thread to above barb. Tie in tail and spiral wind back to one dumbbell eye's width behind hook eye; cement threads to hook. Marry eyes to hook at that point; drop of cement, bring thread back directly behind eyes. Catch the chenille end, wind snugly to point above hook barb and back to eye shoulder. At this point, make another couple/several wraps of chenille directly behind eye to shoulder wing/throat marabou up; secure chenille. Cross thread to eye front; take marabou barbs or partial blood quill and tie in directly in line above eye 'vee'; add krystal flashtaper finish head and cement.

If I didn't already say this, don't crowd the eye. I do it at times and end up snapping thread while trying to compact it without running out over the eye. BTW - that's a lazy/tired, 'too late at night to be tying', mistake, and you won't forget too many times before your head becomes frayed and out of proportion from having to re-tie, trying to finish.

There really isn't a ton of material on this hook. It just looks fat because of the marabou loft. Adjust body size to hook size, creating about a 1/1 proportion. Contrasting colors work as well.

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