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Q: Here is how is "pack" hair.
First tie on at the bend of the hook and tie whatever tail, rubber or hackle making sure you tigthly secure this part of the bug. It will help when you "shove back" as mentioned in an earlier post. For bass bugs, try to find the longest and coarsest hair you can get.
The first two bunches you spin onto a BARE HOOK SHANK become the anchor for the subsequent spun bunches. After spinning each bunch, make 2 or 3 additional thread wraps immediatly in front of the spun bunch, then shove back with one hand while using the second hand at the rear/bend of the hook to keep the assembly from slipping below the bend. Once you have packed each one make a further 2 or 3 additional thread wraps immediatly in front of the spun bunch. The first two bunches are smaller in diameter, say 1/2 pencil size, and the middle section bunches are 1 pencil diameter and reduce this as you get to the last two bunches. It may also help if you trim off the tips of the bucnhes prior to spinning.
Hope this helps.
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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