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Q: Over the years that I have tied spun deer hair, I have tried just about everything, including various types mechanical and electric clippers. In the end I always come back to my straight razor and leather strap. This seems to work best for me and can be sharpened easily when it gets dull. As for thread, I have also experimented with all sorts of stuff from rod building thread, Kevlar, silk etc. I still use plain old 3/0 Uni-Thread and get excellent results. Spinning is not different from any other technique, it takes no great skill but it does take practice and theproper deer hair. In another post I talked about "not all deer hair" is the same, you may want to search for this post in the archives. Being a hunter, I have an incessant supply of White Tail and Mule deer skins, of varying ages and sex. Through a friend who is a Fish & Wildlife officer, I also have access to deer that are road kills and the skins are taken at various times of the year. I also dye my own and wind up with some really different colors, all by way of experimentation. I realize that not everyone has this type of access so my suggestion is to be very diligent in selecting hair at a store. Lastly, maybe deer skins are different if the purpose is to protect the animal through severe winter cold Vs. them spoiled Texas deer who live in desert heat?
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