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El Condor Pasa

Here's a condor story for you guys...
Below I put in a "borrowed" picture of a condor (please treat accordingly). These wonderful birds that soar in the updrafts of the Andes can be as tall as 4 feet and have a 12 foot wingspan! Unfortunately, I did not see any on my recent trip to Patagonia but I will never forget a story my 80 year old father relayed to me many years ago. Dad was a gliding instructor in Argentina in the early 1940s. As such, he would travel around the country to the various flying and gliding clubs. As it happened on several ocassions before, he had to put down in an "Estancia" (a ranch) in the province of Santa Cruz. You land where you land, and as was usually the case he'd be well received by the local owners or ranch crew until the tow car would arrive, sometimes days later, to pick him and the glider up.
On this particular occasion as he's about to enter the house, the swing door flies open and out walks this 4 foot condor. Dad couldn't believe his eyes. Here's this huge bird walking out the door like a "little person". He was told that someone had shot the condor, and with one of its wings disabled for good, they had sort of adopted it and fed it. The bird got domesticated and they kept him as a pet.

Looks like some of those feathers could tie some interesting flies 8^)

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