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Speaking of camp treats

Late last August I was re-invited together with my brother in law Eric to this old fishing club about 5 hours northwest of Montreal. Our octogenarian host couldn't make the trip this time but we sure did. Got the best rustic cabin overlooking the main lake and proceeded to take some brookies in a few of the lakes the club has access to. Kept some small ones for supper and Eric prepared them just steamed with a tarragon cream sauce and wild rice. We invited the camp caretaker and guide for supper and washed those speckles down with a Trapiche Malbec I had, and a Chateau Lagrezette the guide brought with him. It was a very dark evening and after supper we sat outside on the veranda overlooking the lake listening to a bull moose walking at the water's edge seeking his a harem. Talk about camp treats!
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