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Yeah, good thing you had that magnet - or the punishment would have been worse than being banished to the cellar. Although it could have been a powerful incentive to buy all barbless hooks - kids easier to release that way .

I was actually working on a stream doing creel surveys and checking compliance of anglers w/regard to licenses and use of only barbless hooks. One of the perks was that we had some time to fish between creel runs which was great. Anyway, there I was all geeked up and rushing to rig-up and fish as I could see a number of nice trout in this roadside pool. I got all set-up snuck down to the water and tied on a dryfly. I was still holding the fly as I cast - not too smart, but like I said I was rushing. Well the fly had some problem straightening on the backcast, because it was buried in my right ring finger. To compound the situation - I was in violation, because it still had the barb on it. I slunk into the local hospital as it was down the street after trying to use my leatherman. Should have just avoided the leatherman, as the hook was rusty and broke off in my finger - leaving me unable to get a grip to push it through. Anyway, it is funny now, heck it was funny then - but it was emabarassing, and they charged $140 to fix my stupidity. Never did catch a fish out of that hole either.

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