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Crap! Leave it to a Atty. to seek out other knowledge.

Originally posted by pmflyfisher
Is that the blue polka dot version of the Body Bag pattern ?

You never told me about this one, your very sly, very sly.

PM Out

P.S. Malcolm says blue is the last color of the day salmon can see clearly so use these at the end of the day. let us know the results. If it does not work talk to Malcolm (aka Willie Gunn)
Good eyes! Very slight variation on the theme, but you're 1 for 1 in the 'good guess' dept. First light/last light and the sucker is WORKING as planned. The 'Body Bag' is a during the day fly, with a touch of colour in the water. The 'new' one is a clear water varient. 'Major difference' is the body material (Body Bag: black chnl./banded with ribbing) is straight "Riverborn-New Age Chenelle, size 2: Midnight Rainbow #89 to give the body a bit of 'flash' vs. using a ribbing material, with a touch of light purple fox for a tail.

As I'm using these in fairly dark (very early before/after work) the double Loop hooks are wted with .015-.025 lead wire to get them deep, and 'self hook' if "That's Mr. Steelhead To You!" wants to chomp.

The double Loop hooks take up the slack for the lack of light and tracking my dry line/14-16 foot leader. Water flows are about 2500 cfs in the upper Rogue so I can still do the dry line work (my preference) if you can get the fly deep and tracking in low light conditions. Good thing the office is 20'ish minutes from the 'day job.'

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