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Spent the afternoon at the Den with about a dozen reels laid out in front of me, as number 5 would say gathering input. Backed off on the Valentine, considered the reel that ArtB was so excited about at the show, but it doesn`t come in a 10 wt, that was the Gilmore. 2 hours and about 10 opinions later I had Scott order a Loop for me, price kept rising. Into the third hour and 2 very savy charter captains convinced me that the Loop was to fragile for the kind of beating I was likely to give it, said the only way to go was the Riptide, the ante went up again. All the while Billy Pate and Able were getting support from some off the contributors. By 5 I was swamped and suffering a brain cramp. Then the best sugestion of the day came up. Get the Tibor, put a Bimini twist on the end of the backing and I can change lines with ease without going for the spare spool, the price will be the same as the Valentine with the spool. I`ve never spent that much on anything before, but I believe I`ll get the Riptide today.

Asomewhat fatigued and much poorer,
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