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Realizing that there's no way...

... that I'll ever tie enough flies for my own liking by Tuesday night (leaving here Wednesday), and knowing how bored I'm likely to get at night while on the trip, I'm re-organizing all of my tying materials into a pair of old tackle boxes so I can take it on the road and tie in the evenings. Looking through it all and seeing everything that came off and out of my bench, I'm sitting here thinking, "Man, where did all this stuff COME from?". I should be able to tie a few thousand flies with it all!

CapT - will tie a few shrimp flies in the manner you described, though I may have to substitute peacock herl for the black krystal flash... would you believe I don't have any? I think it's time I invested in a decent digital camera so I can start taking photos of my meager tying efforts. Saw a book on tying contemporary saltwater flies today at the LFS, those flies make mine look pretty rotten. Honestly, if I could tie flies that looked as good as the ones in that book, I'd have them all locked away in a safe!

Juro - I'll contact Captain Ben when I get down to the Keys, probably Friday.
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