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webs, wives and fish

JURO--So, you're telling me that "all's well that ends well"???

Hey, I've been married to the same Saint Kate for the past 32 years. I hear that divorces can get quite spendy, but fortunately don't have any first-hand experience with it. Of course, Kate says that 32 is merely a hypothetical number, since I've been off covering sporting events, hanging out in fly shops or fishing rivers all over the US at least HALF that time. Maybe she's right (as usual?).

Unseasonably cold is a very generous way of putting it. Florida's weather has been more like what North Carolina usually gets. But, it's warming up and we had a tremendous time in Sarasota Bay yesterday. Couldn't keep fish off the fly (REALLY!!!!).

Tight Loops,

ps--let me know about your thoughts relative to my participation in various aspects of your site.
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