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RE:Putting Gregg onto a summer run...


You are very kind to speak so glowingly of me though I'm not sure I deserve it. It's too bad we wont be able to hit a stream or two together but I'm sure it will happen sometime. I understand the way schedules are often hard to get a grip on so don't worry about not making it - as I said I'm sure we'll eventually make it happen. I am also very understanding of any reluctance to take a newbie into the inner sanctum of the hardcore steelhead elite. I've got plenty of friends to visit if a "hookup" to visit a steelie stream is not possible.

I will be leaving Boston on the 21st and returning from Seattle on the 27th. My only hard obligations while I'm out there are to clean my apartment, put my stuff into storage, and visit a friend who's daughter is very ill. All of that can easily be managed around the schedule of any kind soul with glacier water in his veins who would be willing to take me under his wing for a day of chasing steel.

Thanks soooo much for the fly offer Juro. How do you want to arrange the handoff? I'll meet you anywhere you like but it will have to be after work hours.
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