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Aw Yeah!

CapT - Thanks for the info, I'll be looking you up, you can count on it (probably this week if I have time). We're taking delivery of a 21' TranSport flats catamaran this week, then I'll be headed straight down to Key West end of next week. This is all company research, so I'm very fortunate in that sense. I figure that the move will happen in the October - December time frame, though May has also been mentioned; I imagine I'll be down looking at real estate in the Ft. Myers/Bonita Springs area sometime before. I've got three days to tie like mad before I have to make the trip to pick the boat up, but then several months to get stocked up. Very much looking forward to chasing anything on the flats!!!:eyecrazy: By the way, we'll be looking for guys such as yourself to help us (the company) out with some product testing in the area of fishing (all "top secret" at the moment, but I'll reveal all as we get closer).

Juro - Yeah, Florida Clave sounds good to me. There must be quite a few members in the region that would make the trip for that. Heck, there are probably people in New England that would like to get away for a few days for a "meeting of the minds":hehe:
Thanks guys for your help!

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