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Wulff was one of several fly fishing writers and profesional fly fishers who extolled the virtues of short rods. He never used a 2-hander that I am aware of and he disparaged them quite often in his recounting of various exploits while fishing for Atlantic Salmon (as he did in the passage Hal quoted).

Interestingly, after graphite rods had become the norm, Wulff began writing about using 9 ft graphite rods as being the best all around rods, when before graphite hit the market, he wrote that it was uncessary to use a rod of over 7 1/2 feet for any fresh water fish for the average fisherman.

I suspect Wulff was simply telling people that they did not have to learn specialized casts (like the spey), buy special lines (like the long double taper speys), or spend a lot of money on fly gear.

I wonder why he disparaged classic feather wings, spey flies, 2-hand rods, and spey casting. Perhaps it was because he couldn't tie the feather wings or spey flies properly? Keep in mind that Wulff's flies are really pretty easy to tie. And he certainly did not know how to spey cast and wrote that he felt the extra long 2-handers were too big and heavy for fishing. Too bad he never moved beyond his prejudice against 2-handers to actually use one.

I can't really fault him for his anti-spey though, all of the American fishing scribes of his vintage had no use for 2-handers and spey casting. Bates was just as bad in his bias against 2-handers, at least Bates was not opposed to using spey and classic featherwing flies.

And he was still a terrific fly fisherman and a gentleman too boot.
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