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Top 10 reasons to NOT buy the Valentine:

10. Can't palm it
9. Two years ago it was $ 200, then the next day it was $ 425.
8. Ancient design looks like it was lifted out of the dumpster behind the Hardy factory in 1918
7. Overpriced by about two-hundred dollars
6. There are about 128 better reels for the money
5. Stamped aluminum. That is right, it is made with the same high-tech manufacturing process that Old Milwaukee uses for can production.
4. Delrin drag, just like a high-end Martin!
3. Everything that is not stamped aluminum is plastic
2. Red metallic clashes with all known colors of Orvis Ascots
1. For the same money, you can buy an Abel Big Game or a Hayden and still have enough money left-over for a fly line and a 12-pack!

But hey, it's your money.
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