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Capt. Gordon--Thanks for the info on your tie. I'll check it out for sure! I've been fly fishing for 30 years, and can't believe how many times a pattern that was "killer" suddenly goes "stale". I guess because the fish have seen it so many times. Then a variation on the theme, with a little different look or some different material, kicks Fin again.

But, I guess that's how fly companies like Azteca, Umpqua, etc. all stay in business. Sort of like restaurants, I guess--it's all food, just prepared a little differently.

Anyway--keep the patterns coming, guys! It's FINALLY (thank You Sir!!!!) starting to warm up in southwest Florida and the fish are going to be HUNGRY after their loooooong winter nap. So, I want to dish up a bunch of new "recipes" for them.

Tight Loops,
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