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The Commissioner

My partner in my guiding business, John Gospodarek, also developed a pattern he calls Commissioner Johnson (after his brother-in-law).

Gospo's version has red lead eyes (x-small), gold krystal flash, twisted, for the body, and gold k-flash extending about 3-8 to 1/2 inch past the bend of the hook, tied in pretty full. This is, of course, tied Clouser style.

We've caught just about everything with it down here--snook, redfish, trout, ladyfish. I'm even going to tie up a large version of it for tarpon in May,

My slight variation on this is to use gold braided mylar for the body, and I mix in some copper "flash" material between two segments of the gold k-flash "wing." It's also worked very well.

C'mon, guys--give me some creative new patterns that I can use down here in southwest Florida. Fish get tired of seeing the same old stuff!!!!

Tight Loops,
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