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The truth of the matter is that the amount of money you save isn't always alot(depending on what components you use and how much you pay for them) and if you are simply building a rod to factory specs,then you might find a factory rod cheaper than you can build one on EBAY(whatever rod you like,it WILL show up there eventually).

The nice thing about building your own rod though,besides the fact that it is ALOT of fun,is that the number of quality components available to the custom rod builder these days is staggering.It enables you to build a BETTER rod than a factory rod and use far nicer components than you could ever get from a factory built rod.Trust me,95% of factory rods have low to mid end components on them and are nowhere near as good as some components that you can use on your custom built rod.If you think Sage or Winston rods have nice reelseats,take a look at some of the amazing works of art by Robert Venerri or Bellinger.There's no comparison.Also,you have the option of using todays high end ceramics,which,aside from stripper guides,are not available on factory rods(except the Lamiglass Esprit Concept).The best thing about building your own rod is you can build your rod to suit YOU.That means if you want a different kind or shape cork,then you can have it!If you want pink and purple wraps,you can have it!You're only limited by your imagination(and sometimes money).Don't build a rod to save money.If you save money then that is simply a bonus,although you CAN save ALOT of money if you do some searching for deals on components(I just got some Scott G 4wt blanks for $110 each and a $100 Bellinger ULSB-DLX seat for $50 so there are deals to be had if you look for them).I guarantee that saving money won't be as big of an issue once you get started building.It's addicting!Once you see how many incredible components,especially reelseats,are available to you and you see how you can build a BETTER rod than factory ones,then you'll know why people choose to build rods.It's a very satisfying accomplishment too.
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