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Re: Pastortd Tell me something

Originally posted by Norseman
how do you do it?
I tie flies no smaller than 9/0! Makes it really easy!

No - just kidding. My "photos" are actually scans. I lie the fly on the scanner bed, cover with a piece of white, non-glare paper, and scan away. If you start at a high resolution, you end up with the image being as much as thousands of pixels by thousands, and reduction goes from there. In my case, I have to do a lot of tweaking with the light/contrast and hue/saturation controls, but generally end up with a pretty accurate scan.

It is very easy with a "flat" fly like a spey or wet fly. Not so easy with dry flies and some nymphs. The circular hackle lends much more of a 3D effect, and throws a lot of shadows on the scan.
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