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Breathable waders

Smolt: I live in Minnesota, so I am no stranger to cold weather. I usually begin my fishing in the beginning of March. I have the Orvis Silver Label Breathable waderswiht the neoprene feet. My previous pair did not have the neoprene feet, and they were worthless in cold weather. I start with a pair of Patagonia Capilene long underwear. Over these I wear a pair of thich fleece pants. Smartwools on the feet. They are a great sock. Unlike others, they last forever. Wigwam makes some that are close. The neoprenes actually work against me because I sweat in them. On top, I wear the same combo with a breathable wading jacket over it. Lands End makes some very nice fleece tops at a very reasonable price. A warm hat is also a must as you lose a lot of heat through your head. Columbia makes a nice fingerless glove with a mitten cover. I hope this helps you stay warm. PDY
Paul Yochim
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