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Hi Bill,
Sinktip told me the Bush deal was mentioned here by him. thought I'd check it out. to let you know I called all 3 Seattle stations and let them know about the heavy construction work on the banks of the Sky. Ch 7 had no interest at all ch4 very little and Ch5 was interested and said they would contact their reporters covering the event. Not much happened out there that morning due to the heavy fog and photo ops were very poor. noticed some pics on the front page of PI next morning, looks like all heavy equipment tracks and any brush cutting were covered over with loose hay. As for getting kicked off the river I believe they had every right to ask me to leave, we don't need anymore assinations attempts in our country. Also my girlfriend mentioned what had happened to me and what I observed to a very high up in the Clinton administration and his reply was, unfortunately this sort of stupidity happens like this on our side too.
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