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It sounds like the fish farmers don't care at all about possible backlash from the arrogance. This sounds like the coal mining companies in the area of Northeastern Pennsylvania where I grew up. They didn't care at all about how much damge they caused, as long as they made a rather large profit. And after the public backlash got too bad, they simply shut down the operations and declared that they were not profitable with the environmental regs that were put in place.

The BC fish farmers sound like they are doing the same. As long as they can make a handsome profit, they don't care what happens to the pinks, or other salmonids for that matter. And it also seems that if public outcry and backlash gets too bad, they will simply close up shop and move elswhere where they can make a large and quick profit.

It would sure be nice if the BC government would step up to the plate and do something meaningful, even if the industry doesn't like it.
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