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Sean, It's lots of fun and very satisfying to roll your own. I've only built a couple rods so I cannot give expert advise but I learned some things along the way. You may find this link to the Rodrack interesting, it has a story of what I learned building my first rod. You will see some pictures of my home made wrapping jig there.

The site lists some of the experience rod builders, including John who has already responded to this thread. These guys are a great source of info and offer great advise. If you are interested in adding your own story to the chronicles we'd all like to hear your tale. E-mail or PM me if you are interested. I need to do some more work on the Rodrack now that we are in the dead of Winter. I think Juro must be nearing completion on the 10wt with all the spare time he has We should see something on that any day now.
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