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On the subject of private v. public water, I only know what I read. Below is something I clipped from a recent post on

I was in attendence at the lease auction yesterday. In his opening remarks, Minister Volpe stated that roughly 10% or 130 kms. of water were up for bids.
These waters were on the Restigouche, Kegwick, Upsalquitch, Tabusintac, Little SW Miramichi, NW Miramichi and Sevogle Rivers. There are no crown leases on the other rivers you mentioned.
The Main SW Miramichi is somewhat unique in that there are no CROWN leases no Crown reserved waters, only crown open (public) and private riparian waters on this river.
The Restigouche drainage has next to no public access, unless you are a NB resident, then you can, through a lottery system, fish waters on all rivers in the drainage that are some of the finest on the globe . The remainder of the system is either Crown lease, private riparian or in Quebec.
There was on lease stretch Cruickshank on the Sevogle that was withdrawn from the auction as there were no bids. This will now become some sort of Crown Reserve water, at least that's what we were told.
The Cains has a smattering of private riparian water, the remainder is public domain except for a piece up river (a former lease) that is now daily crown reserve, and for the most part sought after by a handful of residents for catch and release BIG sea run brook trout.
As you can see by the above NB has what I consider an excellent mix of water, lots of crown open water, crown reserved water for NBr's only on all rivers that have crown leases, private riparian, and crown leases (lease holders contribute heavily to NB coffers through annual fees, employment, are superb stewards of the resource and are major financial suppoters in conservation) that at the end of the day benefits NB residents (man-o-man I know that statement will be a source of debate).
At any rate, keep the faith and take a kid fishing

If "Ensor" is Bill Ensor, he may be the former outdoor specialist for the New Brunswick Department of Tourism.

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